Paris Agreement

We the American People of the United States stand a little disfigured and disenfranchised. The man who somehow became our president has pulled us out of the Paris Agreement. I, for one, am signing several petitions a day.

So I’m adding one here:

This goes beyond riding bikes, fixing problems in the shop, and eating yummy food. We have a president running our country who is in so deep with big business that he’s doing all he can to dismiss any science, any effort, any funding that might hinder the profitability of his cronies. Oil and coal seem to be his favorite. He says it’s for maintaining those jobs but clean and renewable energies already employ more people than the dirty, non-renewables.

He doesn’t seem to give a damn about the environment and if he came in to have his bike worked on he’d leave with a wrench stuck in his face. He is intentionally trying to debunk science about climate change. He’s put a big oil guy, Scott Pruitt, as director of the EPA. He wants to mine the resources found in our national monuments and parks. But the thing is, the information is already available and you can’t just shut this down and blind the people from what’s happening. So please, do your part.

The list of anti-environmental policy is terribly long. Please sign this petition from And others. And make calls to your representatives. Do something. Also, ride bikes more.