America Be Damned, Part 1

An article was published in January of 2015 about the Koch Bros pushing to defund all transportation budget except for the automobile infrastructure. Please read the article:

Koch Brothers can Suck it

And, if you live in a growing rural town like I do you can see that the Coal Rollers (folks with ridiculous lifted diesel truck with modified exhaust systems) pretty much run the town. This summer they spent millions ($$?) paving and then chip sealing our roads, heavily used roads, rather than investing in bike lanes (involves paint), sidewalk, or bike paths that are safe (our bike paths run along busy highways that have no physical barrier, just a 2 foot width of dirt).

What we need is more of this:

The problem isn’t necessarily just the Koch Brothers, it’s the mentality that an automobile is the exclusive mode of transportation in America (United States). Someone asked me how I got my driver’s license suspended since I only rode a bike between work and the store (my license is in great standing).

As he ate a bag of Oreos. From the drivers seat of his truck. Towing a motor boat.

Environment be damned! Let’s pollute the whole damned planet. If you ride a bike you’re clearly a criminal!

Don’t Crash into Rabbits

This is a friend of mine. I have several friends. But not as many as the rest of you. A lot of them ride bikes. And two of these guys have had issues with animals on the road.

In a 140 mile event buddy no. 1 saw something fly onto the road. Much like the creature from Aliens that flies across the road to latch onto your face, this creature was only recognized after the accident. At 40 miles per hour this rabbit jumped into the front wheel, an 18 bladed spoked wheel. The animal died. Friend went to the ER.

Bike, well take a look:

The front and rear triangles were being held fast by the internal cables connecting the rear brake and derailleur. Once I snipped those the frame fell apart. There was blood all over. And it wasn’t buddy no. 1.

Don’t hit bunnies.