On Tubes

Having a chat one day with a customer led me to believe there is quite a bit a guy in my position is to do; interaction with the world is critical in order to make sure that folks know what is going on with their bicycles.

Customer: I need something again 🙂
me: Ok, what do you need today?
Customer: You sold me the outer tire. Is there an inner tire? I am not sure if it’s called “inner tire”

me: oh, you need tubes

Customer: it goes inside the big tire
me: ok
Customer: I need it for one bike frame

Just so you know, this fellow’s first language isn’t American Engrish.

What are we supposed to do when our first instict is to make fun of these folks? In French, the tube returns through translation as “room for air”. While it is much easier to make fun of French people because they literally invented the bicycle, it isn’t how this industry is going to proliferate.

To all the core bike mechanics out there, you know as well as I do that this is about breaking barriers, not building them.

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