Headset assembly (part 1)

Done Wrong: 

If you are not at all mechanically inclined or lack organizational skills in the smallest amount, don’t get into working on your bike. This bone head didn’t get this warning. The headset was taken apart and then reassembled in the “well, it looks like I got everything in there” method.

This is like dressing your child in the dark using towels because you can’t tell the difference between towels and clothes. Don’t do it.

The parts of a headset have a home and they look like they match and correspond with other parts. It’s a funny thing. Almost like matching up a lid with a container. But some brains cannot get this logic. And it ends up looking like a banana sitting on an apple, and presenting it as apple pie.

Here’s a drawing:

Notice how in the upper image the compression collar is 1. upside down and 2. underneath the upper bearing and 3. the bearing is also upside down.

Hopefully this helps you. And don’t over think it. If you do it will get messed up.


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